The tinkle bell: mnemonic of the one I cannot have

I am a little bit more childish regarding gifts! And I love to keep them as mnemonic of memories. Alot of people went, leaving their footprints in few pages of my life; though I am still holding their gifts. As I said before, gifts mean alot to me.

He didn’t wish me at 12 o’ clock on my 17th birthday. He dropped off early. Those were days when I didn’t have phone. I dropped a year after 12th board, and was preparing for medical. Back then, I used to talk to him sporadically, like after a month or sometimes even two! Those days, I used to chat with him in my laptop through Facebook. On the day before my birthday, I almost begged my mom to hand me over the laptop so that I could spend the first few hours of my bornday with him; of course I didn’t give this reason to mom. She was very strict. Anyway, after alot of request, I got it and with alot of excitement, I logged in my account and guess what he was offline. I secretly even took my mom’s phone, and called him zillionth times, but there was no response and I finally gave up and went to sleep…

At the next morning, I had a coaching class. that day, I returned home early. In the mean time, my Facebook account flooded with his wishes and apologies. Of course, I was angry. Why wouldn’t I be? He spoiled my birthday after all. My anger remained untill I met him secretly at the backyard of my house, he handed over this hanging bell, and its sound lightened up my mood. I named it ‘Tinkle bell‘.

Whenever, it makes sound, it reminds me of our story; our love, hatred, fights and the friendship we shared. We both were young, innocent and mostly not aware of this cruel world.

And today, he is the one I cannot have

~I don’t love you anymore. Why do you love me even after that?

~I’ve read somewhere, if you fall in love with a writer, you cannot die;

~You love me because you want to be immortal!

~Ya! Sort of! 😎

~Conversation before we start being strangers forever….

P.S. Never hurt the one, who loves you. You will be dying each day out of guilt. Fight for your love, don’t give up. Love finds its way anyway.



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