Vernacular medium: a cavity

I wanted to write in this topic since forever. I am from Assam and I did my schooling from a vernacular medium school. And unfortunately I was trolled for this throughout my life.

I left my singing course in between; because some of my batchmates, who was from reputed English medium schools, insulted me for being from vernacular medium school.

Well! I was smart enough to meet various writers and renowned persons in a very tender age. But back then, my English was not very strong. So, I had to stay back several times because of it. My confidence level had gone down day by day. But I was a fighter. I was never been the person who gave up easily. I scored well in my 10th boards as well as in 12th.😎

In India knowledge is judged with your English. I am not here to look down upon the language. I love the English language. It’s easy and bold. It works like a mask. When you say the word “naked”, it doesn’t feel like being naked. Cause, English language has an ability to make us speak the thing we can’t say through our own language. I am sure, you get it! Right?

I am not against of speaking English. But I hate the people’s mentality having towards it. When I say I am from vernacular medium school, they treat me differently. I don’t know why! Why do people differentiate between languages! We should respect our mother tongue, like we do our parents; I love my language. Today, I want to scream at the top of my voice

“Yes! I am from vernacular medium school and i am not ashamed to speak it out loud. I am proud to have education in my own language.”

Well! I am not here to shout out for boycotting English. I speak of those who gives priority mostly on English rather than its own mother tongue. Well it’s not! Don’t let your guests enter in your bedroom. Love your own language like your mother. Don’t take it for granted. Each language has its own beauty.

Those who don’t know I am an assamese girl, If you like my post, please do me a favour, next time, if you find someone who can’t speak English, kindly don’t laugh at him, correct him and encourage him.

Spread love

Spread happiness…

That’s what exactly language actually does… Link us together…

Fill up the cavity with love and care! Then only, “vernacular medium” will never be called cavity between you and knowledge.



  1. Not only in Assam … Every part of India has the same problem… I too studied in a government school .. I know the exact same feeling what u wrote.. the point is right .. know all the language love it but don’t ignore the mother tongue 😍👍👍💪

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  2. Yeah….this is what Indian people have to face usually. It’s really irritating when a person communicate with me in English even his/her mother tough is same as mine, it’s totally pointless,right. Of course,I love English it helps to connect people from various places, languages like u said it link us together… I know Tamil and you are from Assam but we can share our thoughts and views. But where people see English language as a fashion or something…and their view on a person who is not good in English,these things are not healthy among people. GREAT POST AND IMPORTANT MESSAGE ✌️✌️

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    • Thank you so much for you comment.. it really means alott
      Well! It’s really a serious issue! I am afraid that with time we are gradually losing our own identity i.e. language as well as culture..

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